About De Vry Distillery

Out of the obscure backlands of the Free State, a country of blue skies and an abundance of sorghum, a whimsical yet serious distillery was born.

De Vry Distillery was founded by the Du Plooy brothers on the desire to produce a range of 100% farm-grown spirits. From Rum to Vodka and the Gin in between, our range represents a blend of cultures and tastes any South African would be proud of. Just like joining in on an after-school sport just for gags only to find out you're really good at it, De Vry Distillery started as a fun initiative that soon became a meticulously crafted and truly authentic local distillery.
De Vry Distillery brothers and founders
Production always starts with the best local grain, and farm fresh ingredients. This philosophy allows De Vry the freedom to create spirits that play with local flavours and carry a sense of character. Free State sorghum is used to create an "all grain base"; this allows for a taste unique and differentiated from our competitors. Our grain goes through a process of milling, mashing, and fermentation and we use carefully curated yeast strains to create and complement the different flavours. Free from the shackles of convention, we at De Vry offer three ranges each distinct in flavour.
De Vry Distillery bottling process

 De Vry Distillery was founded on a solid foundation of love for our country and culture. As a proudly local brand, we use South African flavours to create unique quality products.

Housed in an old milking shed, right in the heart of the Free State - an area renowned for sorghum cultivation - we're inspired and influenced by our location.